MPLANES provides consulting services to individuals, owners, operators, MROs, law firms and non-aviation companies.

Our clients range from high net worth individuals who wish to invest in business aviation and who seek tailored solutions, to operators who wish to optimise their efficiencies.  At MPLANES, we take particular pride in being able to help individuals and companies achieve their goals, benefit from the rewards of their success and be efficient in business.

My boss required a technically able consultant to advise on an issue we had with a system on our jet. We employed the services of MPLANES Consulting to investigate which involved tests with the manufacturer and liaison with other suppliers for a period of 8 months. Through MPLANES’ experience and industry contacts, they were able to resolve the issue to our entire satisfaction and without us having to resort to legal proceedings.

  Veronika S. (PA to Gas Industry CEO)

Previous Mandates:

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