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Founded in 2009 by Jason Mulcock, MPLANES Sàrl is a Swiss company that delivers high quality tailored services to clients & stakeholders in the world of private and commercial aviation.

With the arrival of Florent Feltrin in 2019, the company has expanded its footprint with a combined half a century of experience and knowledge in the aviation industry.

We are active in the client representation / aircraft management, sales and consulting fields.

Our commitment to clients is to deliver excellence with a personal touch.  This is achieved by being responsive to our clients’ needs, accompanying them through each stage of a transaction or project and by adhering to key principles such as transparency and discretion.

Our industry and country-specific expertise combined with a partnership approach to business allows us to attract mandates from five continents.

Jason Mulcock

Jason Mulcock


MPLANES founder Jason Mulcock started his career at British Airways after having completed an Engineering Degree in the UK.  Here he drove efficiency and cost reduction initiatives on the fleet of Boeing 747-400s and assisted in the introduction of the Boeing 777.  With his team of 60 engineers he was responsible for the punctual operation of all long haul fleets including Concorde where he learned about the intricacies of supersonic flight.  British Airways encouraged ‘thinking out of the box’ which is a trait Jason has used to great effect ever since in his managerial positions and in his daily life.

Florent Feltrin

Florent Feltrin


Having obtained his Bachelor degree in Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Perpignan, Florent Feltrin started his career as an avionics technician at Dassault Falcon Service followed by the position of Team Leader at IBM France managing their fleet of Falcon 2000s.

There followed a move to Switzerland where Florent joined Dassault Falcon Authorised Service Center TSA Transairco (RUAG from 2007) as Technical-Commercial Manager coordinating client requests and production on Falcon, Hawker Beechcraft, Citation, Learjet & Pilatus PC-12 aircraft.


Aviation Manager

THE service for aircraft owners.

Cost Control

You wish to keep your costs under control while protecting the value of your asset

Avoid employing someone

Let us do the work for you

Representing your interests

Before ownership, through your assets complete life cycle including disposal

Your pilots should fly ...

You dedicate your pilots to the most important function: safety … and not to other management functions

Industry expertise

You wish to benefit from industry expertise and the latest know-how

Simple advice

We are available for any questions, from simple to complex

Aircraft Sales




Selling your aircraft is a complex procedure which requires a professional and discreet approach. We believe this is best accomplished through an exclusive mandate with MPLANES – see our flyer below.  Contact us for a free aircraft evaluation.




We source new and pre-owned aircraft through our extensive network of principals, professionals and personal contacts.  We are active in on & off market opportunities and we advise on all the auxiliary but equally important issues that are inherent in an aircraft purchase.

Handling your jet or helicopter sale or purchase from A to Z.


Technical, operational and de-stressful solutions.

  • Independent audits on ‘run-away’ maintenance or project costs
  • ‘Fixer’ service for projects that are frozen due to conflict & risk involving legal proceedings
  • Pre-purchase inspections (PPI), document reviews and supervision
  • Aircraft purchase process supervision and guidance for first-time buyers
  • Identification of opportunities – for example abandoned / neglected aircraft for recertification
  • Interior refurbishment, avionics upgrades and large maintenance check management
  • Cost audits – operational, charter, maintenance, etc.
  • Supplier selection





The simple, fast, cost effective, under wing, go no-go test kit for the detection of microbial contamination to aid airworthiness procedures.

For owners and repairers (MROs) of business and/or private jets, microbial contamination, commonly known as ‘jet fuel fungus’ is a big issue which needs to be kept under control.

Microbial contamination can grow, especially in hot and humid climates, in just a few weeks so from what was a ‘clean’ tank to a heavily contaminated tank could be much faster than you anticipated. Testing only on suspicion of contamination may be too late resulting in heavy costs and operational delays.


FUELSTAT® Result will not only enable a fully transparent and traceable audit trail to track trends and hotspots, but also provide accurate information to enable effective and more cost-efficient maintenance programs to be undertaken.

Over 100,000 FUELSTAT® tests are used every year all over the globe in many highly regulated industries to monitor microbial contamination in middle distillate fuels. It is compliant with ASTM D8070 International Standard and is a listed product in many industry guidance documents such as IATA, JIG etc.




FUELSTAT® offers the fuel supply chain a simple, rapid alternative to sending samples for testing off-site for days or even weeks and gets around the fact that often site conditions are not sterile with the risk of samples getting cross contaminated.

The importance of testing under the wing is emphasised by ASTM D6469 which highlights that if a sample cannot be tested on-site it should be transported on ice and tested within 4 and no more than 24hrs or the sample may no longer be a true representation of the environment from which it came.


FUELSTAT® has OEM listings from
Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Embraer, Fokker, amongst others

FUELSTAT® meets the ATSM International D8070-16 Standard

FUELSTAT® meets the ATSM International D8070-16 Standard

FUELSTAT® is listed as an approved product by Joint Inspection Group

FUELSTAT® is listed as an approved product by Joint Inspection Group

FUELSTAT® is listed as an approved product by IATA

FUELSTAT® is listed as an approved product by IATA & is a Strategic Partner with IATA.


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