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 Faster, more accurate, and more cost effective than the competition.

With the FUELSTAT® on site fuel testing kit all you need is 10 minutes, a flat, clean surface, a pair of latex gloves & a 200 ml sample to discover which bugs are living in your fuel. The easy to interpret, pregnancy-style test gives a negligible, low or high reading which corresponds to the limits laid down in the IATA Guidance Material on Microbial Contamination in Aviation Fuel tanks. This clearly indicates the aircraft’s fuel system status, and what action to take, if any.

FUELSTAT® has been established in the aviation industry for over 10 years as an IATA recommended test for major airlines and affiliated companies to monitor their fuel quality and is now rapidly growing as the on-site fuel test for marine and fuel forecourt industries.

Conidia Bioscience are strategic partners with IATA, and have recently been presented the awarded for ‘5 years Strategic Partnership’.

“IATA Strongly recommends testing of each aircraft fuel tank for microbiological contamination at least once a year.”

The FUELSTAT Results APP is a new complementary tool for automatically reading and analysing the results of the test.  More information HERE.

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More information on Conidia Bioscience Ltd, manufacturer of Fuelstat can be found here: www.conidia.com

FUELSTAT resinae PLUS Aviation fuel test, instructional animation :

The FUELSTAT APP which eliminates any human error in the reading of the results: