Aviation Manager

 Aviation Manager

An owner representation service that is designed for you, aircraft purchasers and owners, who are in any of the following situations:

  • you wish to keep costs under control and to protect your asset
  • you wish to benefit from an industry expert representing your interests
  • you wish to be represented by a professional without having to employ one yourself
  • your core business is not aviation
  • you desire a professional opinion on certain or all aspects of aircraft ownership (maintenance events, invoice verification, choice of suppliers, upgrade advice, )
  • you dedicate your pilots to the most important function: safety, and not to other management functions
  • your aircraft management company performs both Continuous Airworthiness (CAMO) and Maintenance (PART 145) functions

In short, the AVIATION MANAGER works as your representative and therefore looks after your interests. This starts at the pre-purchase stage including interior outfitting oversight    and    accompanies    you    throughout    the    ownership    of    your      asset.

As the owner of a Gulfstream G550, an aircraft as near perfect as can be, it is paramount that I obtain the best service I can get. Yes the aircraft is with a top operator, yes I have well-trained pilots, yes I have a reliable CAMO but none have the whole picture and none work exclusively for me. With MPLANES’ AVIATION MANAGER service, I have someone working for me and looking after all my interests all the time.

  Gilles B.  (Aircraft Owner)

Join the growing number of aircraft owners who have put their trust in us to manage their interests and have avoided having to employ someone directly.

If a CAMO, a PART 145 maintenance organsiation or an AOC Operator service is required, this can be arranged through one of MPLANES’ partners.

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to discuss how we can be of use to you.

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